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The Clinical Program on Psychotherapy Practice (CPPP), founded in 1989, is a two-year certificate training program that offers an in-depth study of contemporary psychodynamic theories and their application to various models of psychotherapy. By including courses on early approaches, such as ego psychology, object relations, and self-psychology—as well as more contemporary subjects, such as attachment theory, neurobiology, and relational theories—the curriculum allows for an understanding of the evolution of psychodynamic thought, its application to individual, couple and group therapy, and its relevance to today’s world. CPPP instructors value the development of critical thinking skills in regard to all material and teach through a lens that addresses diversities of social identities and intersectionality. Throughout the program, students receive feedback on clinical cases through both group discussions in class and individual supervision with a seasoned practitioner. Students remain with the same cohort throughout the two years, which allows for open, supportive discussions and the growth of enduring collegial relationships.

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Andrew Carroll, PsyD 

Andrew Carroll, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in private practice in Washington, D.C. who has been teaching and supervising in graduate and post-graduate training programs for 16 years. He is Co-Chair of the New Washington School of Psychiatry’s Clinical Program on Psychotherapy Practice where he has been on the faculty, steering committee and supervision staff for seven years. He teaches and supervises for the Psychoanalytic Studies Program of the Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis, where he serves on the Curriculum Committee, the Community Outreach Committee, and the Referral and Consultation Service Steering Committee. Dr. Carroll also serves on the Training and Education Committee of the American Psychoanalytic Association and for 15 years was Associate Clinical Professor of Clinical Psychology of The George Washington University’s Center for Professional Psychology. His early career focused on hospital work with people struggling with severe and persistent mental illness, as Program Director of Outpatient Mental Health at Suburban Hospital, Staff Psychologist at Providence Hospital, and trainee at Chestnut Lodge Hospital. He currently works with adolescents and adults in psychotherapy, adults in psychoanalysis, and he supervises individuals and groups.

Randall O’Toole, MSW

Randall O’Toole is currently an Associate Clinical Professor at the National Catholic School of Social Service (NCSSS) where he designs and teaches clinical theory and practice classes for advanced year MSW students. In addition to his role on the faculty at NCSSS, Mr. O’Toole is actively involved in clinical training programs within the Washington DC area, including as the co-chair of the Clinical Program at the New Washington School of Psychiatry (NWSP) in Washington D.C., as a faculty member of the Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy program at the NWSP, and as a faculty member of the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (ICP+P) in D.C. In addition to his roles as a trainer, supervisor, and mentor to students and clinicians, he has been an active clinical practitioner for over 25 years in both the public and private sectors specializing in work with children, adolescents, and families.


Sally Bloom-Feshbach, PhD

Andrew Carroll, PsyD

Kirsten Chadwick, PhD, CGP

Jessica Chan, MSW

Kyle Collins, MSW

Carolyn Curcio, MSW

Patricia Davis, MSW

Molly Donovan, PhD

Mary Fitzgerald, MSW

Megan Flood, MSW

Rolando Fuentes, MSW

Lee Futrovsky, PhD

Jennifer Grosman, PhD

Leyla Kenny, PhD, MSW

Jeanine Lamb, MSW

Jaedene Levy, MSW

Margo London, MSW

Sheva Melmed, MSW

Shoba Nayar, MSW

Randall O'Toole, MSW

William Pinney, PhD

Jane Prelinger, MSW

Janna Sandmeyer, PhD

Kimberly Satin-Kubler, MSW

Angela Snyder, PhD

Michael St├Ądter, PhD

Jonathan Stillerman, PhD, CGP

J Unterberg, PhD

Kara Veigas, MSW

Barbara Wayne, PhD

Barry Wepman, PhD

Kimberly Woodard, JD, MS, LCP

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Clinical Program on Psychotherapy Practice (CPPP)

Open House

The NewWSP invites you to the Open House for the Clinical Program on Psychotherapy Practice

About the Event:

The Clinical Program on Psychotherapy Practice (CPPP), established in 1989, provides a comprehensive two-year certificate training focused on contemporary psychodynamic theories applied to diverse psychotherapy models. Its curriculum spans early approaches like ego psychology and object relations, as well as modern subjects including attachment theory and neurobiology, fostering a nuanced understanding of psychodynamic thought and its application in individual, couple, and group therapy within contemporary contexts. Instructors prioritize the cultivation of critical thinking skills and incorporate discussions on social identities and intersectionality, while students benefit from ongoing clinical case feedback through group discussions and individual supervision, fostering enduring collegial relationships within their cohort.

The event will include the case presentation and discussion. We will also provide an overview of the program and answer questions from the audience.

When: Sunday, April 21st, 2024

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Where: Via Zoom

RSVP: for Zoom link

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